Posted by Steve Gulsvig on Apr 08, 2021

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

The silent M also stands for silent Media. It is astounding to witness the hypocrisy and drum thumping support for extreme left policies now enveloping our country. If there is an opening to criticize or even merely question any policies the new administration is foisting upon us, there is silence. The press secretary’s double-speak is taken as gospel truth without question. Portland still burns and not one report. San Francisco and Los Angeles are awash in homeless encampments, yet the only cameras trained on these situations are when law enforcement tries to clean up these festering centers of violence, illicit drug use, prostitution, and unsanitary conditions. Hired professional protestors push police to extremes and call their actions inhumane. Our southern border is collapsing due to an intentional and well-funded onslaught by hundreds of thousands of people crossing the border illegally. Where is the leadership? Where is the media? Pretending there is no crisis and not reporting it is borderline treason. Don’t be distracted by gun control Executive Orders, rewriting the definition of infrastructure, Georgia’s voter registration law, or bailing out mismanaged blue states and their unions. The epitome of the left’s hypocrisy is their outcry against voter ID laws, yet pushing for proof of vaccination ID’s. You can’t have it both ways.