About Me

I'm a word camera [writer] and futurist living by grace. I’m passionate about God and my family; I love sports, music, and art; and I’m quite fascinated by automobiles, technology, gadgets, and wine. I see God in the serendipity of life. My expressions are filtered through a Christian worldview and I craft my words into essays, books, plays, or screenplays, with the goal of always creatively reflecting this point of view. My success is realized whenever someone finds meaning, joy, or inspiration through my writing.

If you really must know more…
My early background includes work in Hollywood on various made-for-TV movies and animated feature films. I later became a cable TV producer and director, and then moved on to establish my own video production company. I finally settled on freelance writing, whereby multiple independent production companies, advertising agencies, and businesses enlisted my talents. Additionally, I’ve contributed many scripts and writings to various church plays/productions throughout my career, and I’ve had two screenplays optioned.