Posted by Steve Gulsvig on Jan 08, 2018


Inevitably, there comes a time when you may need/want to replace your current dumb – sorry – smart phone. There is no easy way to do this, and this dance we perform every few years always causes some anxiety. Will my texts transfer? Will my photos, calendar, contacts, and apps reappear? What if I lose it all? Ahh! This is what it has come to. Our lives wrapped up in a little device in our hands, so precious, so important, so necessary, so sad.

In my case, the new phone was necessitated by the fact that we were moving from a carrier whose motto is “hey, we’re almost as good as the next guy,” to a carrier that seems rock solid. (Note: “almost as good” doesn’t cut it. Unless you’re willing to put up with dropped calls, poor coverage, and slow services, it’s a bad proposition. Sorry Sprint.) Our company decided to switch to another carrier and along with that came new phones. Mind you, I was perfectly happy with my iPhone 6s Plus and its now obsolete accessories. That is, I was happy until Apple screwed with the software and everything went haywire. Not only did they make the batteries die premature deaths, but functions were abysmal. (Tap, tap harder, where is this tap taking me?) I’m quite angry with them for pulling that stunt, thinking most of us would be too stupid to notice, so I hope they have to pay dearly for that charade. But I digress. I made my transition to my gorgeous new iPhone X relatively easily. I did it myself on my own computer and everything went smoothly – sort of. There are many crazy hoops you need to jump through between iTunes and iCloud and turning things off and on again, but all in all, I was able to restore my new phone to almost every setting I had on my old phone. Awesome! Until it wasn’t. Suddenly, for some unbeknownst reason, I couldn’t receive any phone calls on my new phone. Every phone call went immediately to voice mail. Thinking it had to do with the fix for the two most recent malwares out there, I powered down my phone (soft re-set), powered it back up and checked it again. No luck. Everyone in our company was experiencing the same problem. So, I now have a beautiful little computer in my hand that can’t receive a phone call. It’s off to Verizon tomorrow. Hopefully it’s an easy fix, but annoying, nonetheless. I’ll update the solution here when I get it fixed. Hopefully it will help someone else.