Posted by Steve Gulsvig on Jan 10, 2018


Our personal mobile phone numbers are now part of our identities. They’re like published social security numbers. Lose your number and it’s like losing your connection with the world. “Porting” your number to whatever new instrument you choose to use as your means to keeping in touch with everyone and everything is a big deal. In some ways it is a small miracle that these numbers pass on to you no matter what hardware changes come along. As mentioned in an earlier article, my number came to my new iPhone X, but was only partially functioning. As it turned out, the final piece of the puzzle came down to a PIN number. The person in our company who handled the negotiations and transition to a new carrier made a slight mistake during the process and Verizon didn’t have all the credentials necessary to complete the porting process. A simple phone call to support with the proper PIN number and name of the authorized person on the account was all it took to make my transition complete. I can now finally call people to make sure they got my text with the latest animated emoji.