Posted by Steve Gulsvig on Nov 09, 2017

Do you make lists? I do. Lots of them. In fact I have actually put “make a list” on my To-do list. Usually it ends up being more things to do that I’ll never get done in the time allotted. Another weekend of failure. My resolve is to get through the weekend without ever having to set foot in Home Depot. And, for that matter, I don’t want to go and look at anything in any store. No Crate and Barrel, no Costco, no landscape place, no Trader Joe’s or Whole foods or Ralph’s or CVS, no BevMo, no nothing! I’m hunkering down. I’m going to work on the list that I’ve had for weeks…no months…no years now. If I can just get one or two or those things knocked off, I’m going to be satisfied. Of course, if I do get those things done, I’ll have to revise things a bit and create another list.