Posted by Steve Gulsvig on Jan 28, 2021


Photograph: Alex Wong/Getty Images

I just heard that Amanda Gorman, the poet laureate that delivered her poem on inauguration day is now going to deliver a poem on Super Bowl Sunday. I think that’s awesome. No matter what side of the left-right fence you identify with, this young woman’s poem on Inauguration Day was pure artistry. The words and the way she delivered it was mesmerizing. And now, she is the flavor of the week. The darling of the internet. Signing modeling deals. The NFL knows how to capitalize on something hot. (No, that is not a sexist reference to the young woman.) I can’t help but wonder who will remember this a year from now. Or six months or even three months from now. In a world where everyone is trying to be relevant and get “followers” on their various social media accounts, is it worth it? Who are those rabid fans? Where do they come from? And where do they go? It’s so easy to choose ‘unsubscribe’ and go somewhere else. Likes, followers, or not, my significance is in the Lord.