Posted by Steve Gulsvig on Nov 09, 2017

For years now I have been approaching whatever the heck it is that I want to do from a truly backwards point of view. I have purchased every imaginable domain name, tool, plugin, software gimmick, classes, webinars, training, and, well, you name it, I have it. All because I was thinking that I might need it someday. But it’s a ridiculous fool’s errand. I’ve been chasing my tail. The marketers have a giant target next to my email addresses and sell them to one another because I buy everything. I’m weak. I can’t resist. And the sad truth is, hardly anything I’ve purchased has been used. The rules on the internet change so fast that unless you can figure out how to use these “tricks” and apply them immediately, six months from the time you purchase a program or a training, it’s generally outdated and useless. These marketers make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling “updates”, eBooks, webinars, and “secret” training methods. It’s always backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and often an invite into a private Facebook or Skype group. It’s enticing. It makes me feel exclusive and special. And then reality sets in. I feel incapable and over my head. I fail. I move on to the next promise of, I mean “success”. (No one can promise riches. It’s illegal. And that’s why there’s always a money back guarantee too.) There’s Facebook ad strategies, Google hangouts, Amazon selling, video production techniques, PLR products, YouTube SEO, mobile app building, and on and on. Sound familiar? Oh, and the price to begin this addiction? Free. But there’s always a catch. Prices usually start at $27 or $47 for the secret sauce. And then there are the bogus “bonuses”, usually valued at thousands of dollars. After that you enter the $97, $297, and $997 world. Finally, the holy grail of offers comes along: three or four thousand dollar sure-fire programs. (But, graciously, you can split the cost into three or four convenient monthly payments.) I’ve got so many programs on my hard drive and monthly subscriptions that I pay for that I’ve lost track of what I own. It’s embarrassing. But the offers keep coming: “New internet secrets revealed!” “This guy made 10 grand in one day!” “If you’re not doing this, you’re going to get left behind!” Delete! Delete! Unsubscribe! Unsubscribe! Don’t be an online marketer’s easy target.